Ratings are simple 3.5/4 ★‘s are my go to I either liked or loved it, so anything rated lower/higher should be self explanatory

Favorite films

  • Long Day's Journey Into Night
  • In Vanda's Room
  • Japón
  • August in the Water

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  • Even the Wind Is Afraid


  • Cría cuervos…


  • What Happened Was...


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  • Cría cuervos…

    Cría cuervos…


    “I can’t understand people who say that childhood is the happiest time of one’s life. It certainly wasn’t for me. Maybe that’s why I don’t believe in a childlike paradise or that children are innocent or good by nature. I remember my childhood as an interminably long and sad time filled with fear. Fear of the unknown. There are things I can’t forget. It’s unbelievable how powerful memories can be. So very powerful.”

    Absolutely adored this and it’s wonderful choice of “Porqué te vas” 

    *Mild spoiler*

    Not Roni 🥺😭

  • The Bridges of Madison County

    The Bridges of Madison County


    “We are the choices we have made” 

    “I love you both...with all my heart. Do what you have to to be happy in this life. There is so much beauty. Go well, my children.“ 

Popular reviews

  • Our Little Sister

    Our Little Sister


    As of recent family dramas have become my favorite genre so my rating is biased I guess, but this one was definitely amongst the best I’ve seen. The blossoms scene was just...Perfect!

  • Moving



    "I’ve been putting up with you when you we’re having a fight, so why can’t you do the same and live with it?"

    I’ve said this before with another movie tho I’m 100% certain Moving is currently my favorite coming of age/divorce drama, but also one of the best young actor/actress performances I’ve seen. Tomoko Tabata’s natural innocence flawlessly caters to the role. Man how I wish I had seen this growing up, Ren would’ve been my spirit animal. The amount…