Roma ★★★★½

"Roma", with 10 Oscar nominations just like "The Favourite", is actually a Netflix movie which made it to the Oscars. It is a slow-burn film which I'd call a typical Oscar nominee.

The directing and cinematography beyond excellent. I was surprised how matchy-matchy they were. It was like the perfect balance. Then, I found out Alfonso Cuarón is both the director and the cinematographer of the movie. However, there is more. He is also the writer of it. Do I need to mention that he is also the producer and one of the editors? That explains why every single piece was scrumptiously syncronized with each other.

The acting is so good. It feels so real. Most of the time, the characters don't speak much. Especially, the main character. In a way, silence fills in the blanks.

With its black and white cinematography, and laconic dialogues, "Roma" is such an artistic film which is probably not everyone's cup of tea because some would call it boring. It is a laid-back picture and I really enjoyed watching. Alfonso Cuarón just knows how to turn something so ordinary into something so extraordinary. It is safe to say "Roma" will score a few Oscars.

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