V/H/S/2 ★★★★

I rewatched this a little before Christmas as I did last year, and well the first V/H/S may not have held up that much, this film certainly did. I think this may be one of my favourite found footage horror movies along with Frankenstein’s Army, just because of the amount of creatively and insanely well done effects that are perceived through a first person camera. The third story is definitely the best one, with scary moments, tense feelings and crazy things that happen. The first story is the weakest, however I liked the rest the same amount I did when I first saw this. I really enjoyed watching both the V/H/S films again and I wouldn’t usually rewatch a movie like this. Although I feel like these movies will almost be close to heart just because of when I first watched them. If you watched the first movie and want to watch the second, I would recommend so because it’s even better and holds up as a fantastic sequel. It sucks that V/H/S Viral was so shit, but I think the first two are really worth a watch.

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