The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions ★★★

An excellent ending to the trilogy that may not be everyone’s favourite and certainly wasn’t the best, it still concludes the trilogy extremely well, (well until the fourth one came out that is). I think my biggest flaw with this film is that it tries to do so many things at once, that you kind of get lost in it and all the things it’s trying to explain to you. While there may not be any plot holes, I found the entire movie confusing to put together and had to pause and think for a while when there was just too much going on. I really don’t think they needed an entire 50 minute long sequence of them fighting the aliens. This was because it dragged on so long that I forgot I was even watching a matrix movie and not Edge of Tomorrow. There are some things I did enjoy however, the final battle was tremendous and gave me the satisfaction of watching Agent Smith get put down for good. The story also carried itself quite well and none of these movies every felt long at all, they were entertaining and gave us memorable character developments. All in all, I’m hyped for tomorrow and I’ll see how I feel about The Matrix Resurrections and it’s been fun embarking on this journey of watching the original trilogy.  

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