The Batman

The Batman ★★★★★

I am absolutely blown away by what Matt Reeves has created with this movie. I never thought that in my eyes, this film could even be on par with The Dark Knight. However I think it’s time to face facts and that the day has arrived. In my opinion, this is my favourite Batman adaptation and it’s done in the absolute best fucking way I could have ever asked for. Matt Reeves really outdid himself with this one because is the most comic accurate superhero movie I think I’ve ever seen. Let’s start with the obvious, Robert Pattinson. Everyone doubted this man since the moment he was cast for Batman. Im proud to say I never doubted him for a single second and I held on to that gut feeling that told me he could be the best Batman. Well, I do believe that he lived up to that expectation. He wasn’t corny, cringy or even awkward in the slightest. He’s a brute and an anger young Batman in which we desperately needed to see a version of. The monologues he gave were just 10/10 and it gave me chills just listening to him speak. Now Paul Dano, he surprised the shit out of me with his performance. He’s so insanely talented and this is without a doubt the most psychopathic version of the Riddler we’ve ever been given. His voice, his facial expressions, the way he screams and moves, everything is just perfect. I loved the tone of the film and that Riddler was so similar to the Zodiac Killer in Zodiac. The detective theme and Batman investigating the crime scenes was so amazing and had such a dark detective style to it. I was locked on to the screen every single second, fully immersed with everything. I also can’t forget about Zoe Kravitz, Colin Ferrell and Jeffrey Wright. They were all fantastic as side characters and I loved the chemistry between Batman and Catwoman, Gordon’s relationship with Batman and even how crazy good Penguin was. Another thing which made this film spectacular with the cinematography. H-o-l-y shit it was breathtaking. The city of Gotham felt so depressing and gloomy in the night, and bright and aesthetic in the short period where it was daytime. Every shot was a picture frame and I was just in awe the entire time. Finally, the soundtrack was BEAUTIFUL. From Nirvana to the theme, to the depressing tunes, everything was brilliantly composed and it gave me chills throughout the whole runtime. You’ll also get a nice surprise cameo at the end which I won’t spoil. If you’re thinking that this might be a boring movie or that the runtime is too intimating, you’d be damn wrong. This movie felt like it flew by and no way in hell did it feel like 3 hours. I’m gonna be thinking about this for a while and I’m so glad I finally got to watch this masterpiece in theatres. This is currently my favourite superhero film and I hope there is so many others who are enjoying it as much as I am. Vengeance is back and better than ever.

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