Smile ★★★★

WOW THIS WAS AWESOME! I was genuinely not expecting this to be so good and fun. When I first watched the trailer of this film, it kinda reminded me of Truth or Dare, and MAN did that movie fuckin SUCK. So with that in mind I went to this with kind of a closed mind and thinking I was gonna be disappointed. It was safe to say this was one of the best theatre experiences I’ve ever had. Let’s just say that everything was so fantastic about this. Anyways! Back to the movie! The jump-scares were very well placed and although they were frequent, I didn’t find them cheesy or anything of the sort. The acting was also surprisingly very good for a horror movie such as this. The beginning scene had so much emotion and for characters that were in it for such little time, there were some INCREDIBLE performances and emotional breakdowns. Sure there were some predictable scenes, but NOTHING could’ve prepared me for that ending, one of the most weird, disturbing scenes I’ve seen in a long time from a modern horror movie. So yeah, this was really spectacular for me and a great start for MANY more horror movies that I will watch during spooky month. So if you are a jump-scare fan, see this in theatres, it’s worth it.

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