Collateral ★★★★½

This shit BANGS! I’m really loving Michael Mann’s discography so far. He’s such a genius with the neo-noir genre and everything about his movies is incredible. From the cinematography, to the lighting, to the environment, and to the ACTING. Just everything is so well put together and made it so mesmerizing to watch. Tom Cruise is fucking TERRIFYING, and I’ve heard this is his scariest role, (for good reason). Every time he braced the screen with his presence I couldn’t help but be utterly scared and nervous for what he was gonna do next. His and Jamie Foxx’s chemistry was so tense on screen and really fit the vibe. One thing I’d love to add on to the movie is that Michael Mann really knows what ACTUAL gunshots sound like. They’re loud! Most movies skip out on that detail, but from what I’ve seen in this movie and in Heat, Michael Mann knows what the fuck he’s doing. Adding on to what I said before, the atmosphere is just breathtaking and so vibrant that the city feels so alive. It’s an expressive experience as Tom Cruise’s character takes you on a sort of journey through the streets of nighttime L.A. Overall, this film is beautiful and has amazing performances all around, especially Tom Cruise. I would HIGHLY recommend.

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