A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story ★★★★½

In my personal opinion this is my second favourite Christmas movie and is definitely the best family friendly Christmas movie. First off I want to say a Merry Christmas to anybody who celebrates it and hope y’all get to spend time with family. There’s so many great moments in this movie, the story is compelling, the humour is the absolute BEST and the characters are so memorable. I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard at a movie that wasn’t supposed to be this funny. There’s a lot of satisfying moments that will have you cheering and crying for Ralphie. I get a lot of quotes from this movie and the funny thing is I have a younger brother who acts EXACTLY like Randy so I guess that why I love this movie so much. It’s a fun film for the whole family and if you haven’t watched it, all I gotta say is how. Anyways hope everyone has a great Christmas and HOOOO-HOOOOO-HOOOOOOO.

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