The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★

30 day movie challenge 
Day 26: a film you like that is adapted from somewhere 

Without a doubt The godfather is the greatest adaptation till this date, it’s not just the greatest adaptation but personally I really do believe that this is the best movie to ever exist. I’m just going to say it, as much as I love many other movies I will 100% Pick The godfather as my number one film. Now let me tell you why 

After having a rewatch of the film i can clearly see that there is just so much more to this movie than what meets the eye. The film focuses on power, family, loyalty, trust and betrayal. However with these elements the movie tells the story in a very elegant way making it absolutely flawless. 

Directed by Francis Ford Coppola and screenplay done by Mario Puzo himself, this film is just perfect in all technical aspects. The writing is absolutely flawless, camera work and cinematography allow us to view the story without ever losing focus. Truthfully when it came to the camerawork it had to be done right as that was one of the most important parts of the film. 

What I especially love about this film is that we actually get to see the character build of Michale corleone, who is played by the amazing Al Pacino. We see him return from war as a sweet young man who then evolves in order to follow his fathers footsteps. Michael is honestly one of the best written characters in my opinion, we see how he changes throughout the story due to the things happening around him. 

As it was clearly shown Sonny was the man who was supposed to take over the family as he was the oldest, but that didn’t happen as he was too hot headed and had no idea how to separate business matters and personal matters. Where else Fredo being the second oldest seemed to always be the child, he was too soft and he never really cared about the mafia life. But when we look at Michael, now that is perfection. He was the youngest out of all the children but he became the next godfather as he was much more mature compared to his older brothers. 

His father knew that as well, Michael had the perfect mindset for the mafia life even though he was never supposed to be apart of it. But he himself knew he had to step up as his brothers were no good to take over their father’s spot. 

Like I mentioned before the camerawork is extremely important as there are scenes where the main focus is completely on Michael but we just don’t see it. For example when Sonny and Tom were discussing matters in the business room it was Michael sitting on the chair In the middle of the room cross legged  while the two others completely walked up and down the room arguing with each other, he was just there listening and watching over them. Another example is when Vito says Michael will now be in charge of the family, we clearly see Michael yet again sitting in the chair towards the table, therefore showing he is already dominant. This was also when Michael knew he had to become the next godfather. The switch of Michael going from a sweet man to an all out godfather is one of the best transitions I have ever seen. 

The screenplay from Puzo was honestly just fucking fantastic, without his writing this
Movie would honestly not exist today. 

Coming to the performances is there really anything else to say other than this film had the perfect cast. Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, James caan, John Cazale, Diane keaton, and Taila Shire. That’s only the main cast, not to
Mention the side cast which all gave incredible fucking performances that will always be remembered for years to come. 

Overall The godfather is truly a masterpiece, an elegant and powerful mafia story that will leave you in awe when it comes to a close. This truly is one of the greatest films ever made and it deserves all the credit in the world.

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