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This review may contain spoilers.

i have some words for this and this is a slightly lengthy so please bear with me for a bit. 

today is my 20th birthday and after reading through some letterboxd reviews, i was lowkey anticipating this (usually i kept my expectations low) and wow, it really was something.

the father-daughter scenes between logan and laura was more emotional and darker than i expected. even though i have not seen some of the x-men movies (especially wolverine ones) james mangold really did an amazing job in this one. the fighting scenes, especially the ending, really stood out to me the most. laura kinney is a fucking badass mutant and even for her small and delicate age, she helped and guided logan even through his suffering and difficulties coping after professor x. dafne keen did an amazing job in nailing laura kinney and i could not ask for a better fancast. hugh jackman also nailed his role in logan and no one else could ever replace him and i'll really miss him acting (this also goes out to patrick stewart). getting to the final scene, i almost cried when laura stood on logan's grave and replaced the cross with an x and how from the look on her face, really wishes she could stay longer to grieve her dad and when the other young mutants are about to move on. the best yet most overwhelming scene ever.

anyway, watching this is the best fucking gift i could ask for and i hope i could rewatch this again soon and through a rewatch, hopefully sink every little detail in.

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