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This review may contain spoilers.

John Hyams follows up his severely underrated thriller Alone with this relentless nail-biter penned by nineties "it" boy Kevin Williamson that should embarrass the makers of the latest Scream. An early New Year's surprise from Blumhouse.

Love slashers where the protagonists put up a good fight and Hyams demonstrates his prowess for slickly staging that action. The pair of final girls were both endearing and resourceful, but the flick respects its male characters by featuring atypical and unironic heroics from them, too.

Hyams and Williamson deserve still more credit for tackling the COVID hysteria with socially aware humor and without being pretentious or preachy. Revealing Jane Adams as the ultimate Karen and deranged matriarch was a nice shot in the arm. Who expected a covid test to be factored into her motive? Brilliant touch having her character flame out and forget to "stop, drop and roll" after ranting about safety, masks and CDC guidelines. That's called a payoff and Williamson hasn't lost his knack for the basic tenets of screenwriting craft. It's also under ninety minutes and keeps moving full scream ahead.

If you actually took a swig every time you heard Fauci's name on CNN during an April night in 2020, you'd probably be dead. #FuckCovid

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