Other Side of the Box

Other Side of the Box ★★★★

I was surprised in a good way by this one. The slightly goofy-looking thumbnail made me put off watching it for a bit, but eventually curiosity got the better of me. The shots in this short film are gorgeous, and not just because of the ritzy house that the protagonist couple lives in. The lighting style falls into the warm highlights and inky blacks realm that I love to curl up in. In this case, the palette is punctuated by reflections of multi-colored holiday lights. There are smart uses of positive and negative space that form unique compositions that I'd gladly hang on a wall. Even while the tension was ratcheting up, I wanted to hit pause and just bathe in the visuals (drippy supernatural nude dude excluded). If you have a spare 15 minutes, give this one a watch. Just don't look away.

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