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  • The Mist

    The Mist

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    infinitely better than all the shit remakes, this movie puts you through it!!  still haven’t read the book but i bet i don’t doubt that the book is better. the crazy ass religious lady is actually played as a villain unlike in the show adaptation which is good and helps show the movies point. characters are a little one dimensional but i like too see that as being on purpose to serve the message. much darker than any other remakes i’ve seen, which i like! humanity’s fucked up and crazy

  • The Wallflower

    The Wallflower

    art style is nice reminds me of a more televised paradise kiss, way more unhinged and hopeless romanance instead of realistic relationships. also i could ONLY find a dub available which was unfortunate, english voice acting wasn’t HORRIBLE tho had like pokémon vibes the way they sound like they are always yelling, better than the non animated english voice actors 

    also why is she a nazi in episode 3 😭 minus a few stars for that one, not worth the joke at all, only happens like once and the rest does have decent jokes. all in though 2006?! insane

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