The Room

The Room

Rambling thoughts that the Letterboxd community deserves a better edit of. But in keeping with the level of the production of The Room Im just going sputter out ideas and sentence fragments to keep with the theme.

Funniest thing ever. (At 40 minute mark) Man enter rooftop stairwell and turns left like he’s going downstairs while the door is closing behind him. Problem is that side of of the stairwell takes its trajectory outside the buildings boundaries. It’s literally impossible to do. It so obvious the character is simply kneeling down to appear to be going down stairs. This is just one example of countless many which make no sense, done so poorly it actually hurts your eyes to watch or makes you laugh at the ineptitude of the production.

What’s more ridiculous than four guys playing catch with the football from four feet away but really practicing proper throwing form when you could almost hand it to each person your so close.

Filled with a cast of soap opera rejects.

Dialogue that goes in circles or down dead ends never to be resolved.
Acting so bad it makes the Transformer franchise look Oscar worthy. Character actions and verbal responsse that are simply there to obey the script without any thought of how humans actually interact with each other.

Set design that looks like it comes straight out of a store for fake items made to look real, trees, fruit etc. Green screen that almost punches you in the face. And that’s when it looks good. Oh, and why would you need to green screen it anyway?

Sound design that rarely matches the setting.

Editing gaffes that scream for help. Example Johnnie lays in a pool of blood where his head is on the bare floor. Two cuts later his head is on a white blanket with the blood all over the blanket and no blood on floor.

Wow, Mom has cancer and randomly blurts out the news in the middle of a conversation. But is sloughed off in the next sentence and never visited again.

Most hilarious piece of dialogue in a mountain of dumb lines. “Don’t throw your life away just because you don’t love him”
Johnny lays in a massive pool of blood that obviously came from the back of his head due to the gun in his lap, friend approaches to say “Wake up Johnnie, come on!”

And guess what. So the character arc is basically a guy that gets taken advantage of and kills himself because his girlfriend who so obviously uses him for his money. Despite his JCPenny’s clearance suit he’s always wearing.

The only they got right, and this is giving them the benefit of the doubt, is the spelling in the opening credits
I can’t wait to see Franco’s reenactment The Disaster Artist.

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