Roma ★★★★★

Ten Days later and the cinematography alone makes this worth a rewatch. But that’s just it, everything about it is that good. Sound design just show’s how often this area of films gets neglected or lacks imagination. The attention to detail and how well it’s been woven into the layers of visuals is so much more than complimenting each with proper sounds. Or music that inflates certain emotions. It gives texture to the experience that I can only liken to breaking the fourth wall. Everything just feels so real you can’t tell where you end and the story begins.

The central performance from Yalitza Aparicio casually invites you into the warm welcome of a person who genuinely serves her employer from the heart. She knows her responsibilities but the family is more than that, they’re hers.

And let’s get back to the cinematography. Never mind how easily Director Cuaron mastered the depths of your rule of thirds, how about the layers of life happening in the frame at each depth of focus simultaneously. And the mastery of panning shot’s, you start to feel as if you’re actually looking around in the past. Or what about the incredible use of light and shadow to highlight where he wants your attention and what he wants to stuff away in your subconscious. Oh my goodness those wide angles further immerse the viewer back in time 45 years. And the precise edits are so fluid and engrossing. When the husband comes home and parks his car smoking a cigarette while the music blares ever so gently maneuvering three tons of steel. Reminds me of the steady hand of a surgeon. So careful, precise and fearless of his minuscule margin for error. It’s brilliant.

I’m rambling, please forgive me.

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