Black Widow

Black Widow ★★★★

this rating is probably too generous and may go down on a rewatch, but i can’t help how i feel right now. it was so nice to be back in theaters watching that marvel intro, something i’ve done countless times but not in what feels like ages. maybe i am a slave to capitalism and cash-grab franchises, but i’ll accept it when it’s this fun!

going in, i was incredibly nervous about this movie doing justice to the mcu’s most prominent female character-who i hope we all know and agree deserved her own story a long time ago. black widow is in many ways too late, but still delivers while avoiding many of the pitfalls i was most concerned about. 

the casting and characters are what shine here. the action is solid, but nothing special. the plot is… questionable, but it’s marvel so that’s not really what i’m here for. the characters and their interactions are what set this apart from many of marvel’s weaker entries.

scarjo gives a steady performance, as always. david harbour is comedic gold and fits his role perfectly. rachel weisz brings exactly what’s needed for her role despite a questionable accent (but then again, it’s rachel weisz, so she could simply stand there like a cardboard cutout and i would still worship the ground she walks on). florence pugh, as basically everyone has pointed out, is absolute perfection and steals every scene. so excited for her to take over the mcu now and everyone should be scared of what she’s gonna do (please marvel don’t fuck this up for her or waste her talent please i am begging)!!

overall, i have several minor gripes, but nothing significant enough to override how much fun i had. it was funny without feeling forced (something that every marvel movie attempts and few achieve), it hit the right emotional beats when necessary, and it makes me cautiously optimistic for the future of the mcu. it’s everything i wanted from natasha’s story, and in some aspects even a little more.

anyway, in closing: women

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