The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★½

52 Years In 52 Weeks: 2021 Edition

9. 1972

There is always that nagging worry in the back of my head when I watch a critically acclaimed movie, that if I don't like this I will look like an uneducated slack jaw. Lucky for me that this was actually good.

So basically Marlon Brando is a maffia boss with a funny voice who tries to keep his cool as the ravages of time (and scary men with guns) slowly disassemble his criminal empire. He does have a trio of sons to back him up and potentially take over the empire but two of them are idiots and the other is Al Pacino who he doesn't want to get hurt. It ain't easy being a criminal.

So yeah. What does one say? It's good and... I really liked the scenes where stuff happened. I did find myself particularly impressed by the heavy atmosphere and impeccable visual flair of it all. The stench of death is constantly nearby, partly because the most morbid scenes have been parodied so many times by now that you can spot them long before they kick off (I knew that horse meant bad news) but also because there is just no sense that any of this will end well, you are just watching a bunch of unstable people burying themselves deeper and deeper. It almost feels claustrophobic, as you watch these insecure tough guys sitting in their fancy villas and whatnot trying to come up with the next move, before the next move gets somebody killed. Big crimes are bad, is what I'm getting out of this movie.

In the end, I did care for The Godfather. More like The Goodfather! Amirite, my fellow kino experts?

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