The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★½

52 Years In 52 Weeks: 2021 Edition

11. 1974

Let's just say I am torn on this one.

Following the passing of Don Vito Corleone in the last film, his son Michael has taken over the reigns of the Corleone family empire. You'd think that some young fresh blood would revitalize the family but snooping politicians and shaky family ties make things harder. And while we follow Michael's struggles we also get the occasional flashback to Vito's past life, following the birth of the Corleone family.

So first things first.. Boy did I fucking struggle to get invested in Michael's story. I mean obviously his story is just a continuation of Vito's story in a way, trying to manage a slowly crumbling empire. But it is really fucking slow here. I felt like there was always something going on in the first film despite of the long runtime but I zoned out here. Also all that melodramatic crap with his wife, felt like I was watching some reality TV show all of a sudden. Grabbed the popcorn for all of that.

With that said.. I fucking loved following Vito's story! Following him from being an orphaned immigrant all the way to his humble beginnings as a feared crime lord, it was a gripping journey. The crowded streets of New York, packed with the struggling masses and monitored by a cruel slumlord. Vito grasping at straws trying to capitalize on an uncertain community. I am instantly invested in this time and place. And the problem is, that it amounts to a side story. I'd find myself super invested and then it just cuts back to Michael having some fucking meeting or yelling at his wife. No! Go back to the good stuff!

A final note. Boy, did Marlon Brando manage to fuck over this film by not reprising his role in that end scene flashback. It just felt terribly stilted and awkward to have a vital character being some off-screen presence that you don't even hear. One of the weirdest endings I have seen recently.

It was fine I guess.. I did kinda care for The Godfather: Part II. It insisted on itself, but only a little bit!

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