Slaughter High

Slaughter High ★★★

Horror Hunt #50 (August 2022)

28. School setting

After the local nerd of a sparsely populated high school falls victim to a domestic terrorist attack (or a "prank" as they call it here) carried out by the local jocks and jockettes, his mind is naturally set to REVENGE against those who wronged him. 10 years after the fact, the nerd lures his tormentors back to the now abandoned high school by sending out anonymous invites to a high school reunion. It is all so dumb but oh so entertaining.

Yeah so this zero-budget slasher from the UK really feels like it is held together with scotch tape a lot of the time doesn't it? The actors look exactly the same in the opening high school scenes as well as the scenes that play out 10 years later (or I guess they wear suits and other fancy clothes in the later scenes.. LIKE ADULTS DO). The high school looks abandoned right from the start, and the lighting is often missing entirely. And yet, all this ineptitude comes together to create something that is so unmistakably an 80s slasher. It is a poor introduction to the genre, but loads of fun if you vibe with all of the genre's inherent flaws and cliches.

Despite of the many flaws, the kills are top notch here. In particular there are two scenes that revolve around acid, with some rather nasty visuals to show for it. And we're talking about acid destroying you from the outside as well as the inside, so all your nasty acid needs are fully tended to here.

And we got some amazingly dumb dialogue to marvel at as well. Poor Frank really struggled with his dirty talk didn't he? "Uh.... TITS!" Big himbo moment if I ever saw one, absolute legend.

And then there's the ending. It looks like it should be a cop-out, but it goes so hard with the absurdities that I could forgive it. This was bad, but oh so fun.

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