Jaws ★★★★½

Horror Hunt #39 (September 2021)

26. Started my love for horror

Yeah this was it. I figure I was around 9 or 10 years old when I caught a glimpse of some shark movie in the TV Guide. I think maybe my mom had spoken highly of it before so it was on my mind already (10 year old Robert logic goes something like "Mom likes it = it is probably cool"). In Sweden we didn't call it Jaws but rather Hajen (literally "The Shark") so I should have had a very good idea about the main focus of this thing. But regardless.. You are 10 years old, you sit down to watch a film, and then what? Well you reach the scene where the rowboat is tipped over and your little mind is traumatized for life. Even now.. Do I really NEED to go into any natural source of water? Or any artificial one? Didn't humankind kinda evolve past that need when we invented bridges? I say the sea belongs to the sharks and the orcas and the jellyfish that can probably kill you by simply existing within your eyesight. We have land, we do fine.

This doesn't quite hold the same terror over me now, almost 17 years later (that shark prop looks awfully rough..). But still... That damned rowboat.. That damned blood.. That damned scream... That damned shadow darting up from the abyss... Damn it all, I think I will take a long refreshing walk on LAND! What's the worst that can happen there?

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