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  • Malignant



    Horror Hunt #42 (December 2021)

    1. Logged during 2021 by the last host, johnconn

    I was recently told by a Letterboxd mutual that this was essentially a Frank Henenlotter-film made on a big studio budget. With such high words of praise I was surely heading for a massive disappointment? Nah! This thing rules!

    So basically we got ourselves a woman who lives a rather terrible life, as an extremely lengthy series of miscarriages coupled with an abusive deadbeat husband…

  • Pet Graveyard

    Pet Graveyard

    Horror Hunt #41 (November 2021)

    30. Non-American film "inspired" by an American blockbuster (not sure if Pet Sematary was considered a blockbuster but whatever imao)

    Oh boy, Pet Graveyard! That is my favorite book from Stefan Duke!

    It doesn't take long for this film to betray the film it rips off in the title/poster. There are like one or two scenes that take place in a graveyard and those only serve to let the characters spew out story exposition.…

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  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter

    Paul W.S. Anderson: Man, defiling a beloved video game franchise sure was exhausting. Now what will I do?

    Monster Hunter: *Exists peacefully*

    Paul W.S. Anderson: Weelll helloooo.

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Spooky Scary Horrorthons - Film #16

    The term timeless is being thrown around a lot, but John Carpenter's The Thing hasn't actually aged a single second in 32 years. The masterful use of godlike practical effects and impeccable suspense is something that is rarely seen in the world of cinema at such an impressive level.

    The story centers around a group of burly men (including a heavily bearded Kurt Russell and my #1 man crush Keith David) working at a…