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  • Killing Birds

    Killing Birds


    Horror Hunt #55 (January 2023)

    24. Watchlist shuffle

    Zombi 5: Killing Birds (released roughly one year BEFORE Zombi 4: After Death) brings the Italian pseudo-franchise to a painful new low. Despite of a title that promises zombies AND deadly birds, the film fails to deliver much of either. We do get some young college folks who are on a mission to locate an endangered bird species. Their mission eventually bring them to a spooky old house that may or…

  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends


    Horror Hunt #55 (January 2023)

    23. Blumhouse

    Back to Haddonfield again! Michael Myers is gone for now, but the guilt of another guy with a dark past in babysitting-related matters may light the flame that brings evil back. Or something like that.. I dunno man, this wasn't exactly my cup of tea.

    The divisive ratings and surprising praise I've seen for this one had me hoping for a good time, but I simply didn't like this very much. Excruciatingly…

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  • Viy



    Spooky Scary Horrorthons 6 - Film #11

    What starts out looking like a wild stoner comedy set in the picturesque countryside of Ukraine soon turns into a tragedy about a frightened man struggling with his fate while a witch mocks him from beyond the grave. As these mystical events unfold things get quite wacky.

    The folklore roots of Viy feel incredibly apparent, with all the obvious morality lessons and whatnot. The grey, sluggish state of the world surrounding our religious…

  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter

    Paul W.S. Anderson: Man, defiling a beloved video game franchise sure was exhausting. Now what will I do?

    Monster Hunter: *Exists peacefully*

    Paul W.S. Anderson: Weelll helloooo.