Avatar ★★★½

Avatar is a movie I’ve honestly been too harsh on in the past. Don’t get me wrong, the story is generic as hell. It’s literally Pocahontas in space with nothing really different to keep it fresh. Jake, aside from his disability, is just our generic good protagonist with no other traits. Not to mention the film follows the stereotype of people who use wheelchairs in movies where without their legs they are completely useless. The bad guy is just another general who wants to tear down a civilization for power and ‘MERICA!!! Plus, let’s not forget there is literally a plot device called “unobtainium”. I’m sorry, but I can not take that seriously at all. Plus, the designs of the Nai’vi aren’t really something I would like to look at for too long (personal issue though).


Where Avatar lacks in story, it makes up for in the world and visuals. James Cameron is a filmmaker who wants everything to be perfect. And you can tell with Pandora how much thought and care there was put in it. The visuals in particular are amazing (despite the uncanny designs). Even after ten years, they still look better than most VFX in films today. Plus, it’s James Cameron, the action is fantastic. I just like when the movie is less about the “plot” and more about just exploring Pandora and it’s ways. This is why I’m really looking forward to the sequels as they might go in a different directions.

So yeah, did it deserve to be the highest grossing movies of all time? Eh. But Avatar despite its flaws is a good action movie.

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