Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass ★½

i’ve decided that Mike Flanagan is a hack. he keeps making these ultra serious shows that have intriguing storylines and interesting set pieces, but are ultimately corny and pointless. Hill House is the most overrated show of all time and Bly Manor was just bad. this show is so incredibly fake deep. it thinks it is making some grand statement about religion, guilt, and remorse when really it’s just obvious pandering. the characters are uninteresting except for Linklater (who is excellent) and the writing is awful. seriously Mike Flanagan cannot write characters or dialogue. not sure he’s ever met a real person. characters speak in long, dramatic, expository monologues that leave you rolling your eyes and looking at your watch. this gets one and a half star for Linklater’s performance and the badass vampire angel thing that was incredibly cool to look at. Flanagan frustrates me so much cuz his shows have cool shit like that and they do a good job of creating an atmosphere but good god the writing could not be worse. he needs to hire other people to handle that shit while he focuses on big picture stuff and i think his work would be a lot better.

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