The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

Committed and unflinching; Robert Eggers's latest inspired/re-telling of white folkloric myth is the most confident the director has been so far. Using image, costume, language, and a collection of fantastic performers putting in some fantastic work; The Northman is a brutal, intense, absolutely insane work of story.

It is drenched in the energy and power of the tales it is channeling. It's a film that embraces the images that reside within our collective unconscious of what nordic fables are and spits them right back us. The white, male rage at the center of the film can be almost exhausting to watch and experience; but the cathartic moments it spins in between the savegary are incredibly satisfying.

Eggers puts his audience in the best possible position for his film. We are nothing but spectators to the brutality onscreen. And this concept of an audience feels stronger here than it did in The VVitch or The Lighthouse because the storyteller is so active in The Northman.
Like the mysterious, powerful witches or the unseen old gods that pull their strings behind the scenes... in The Northman, we watch and are allowed to revel and gasp at man's audacity, violence, rage, brutality, and foolishness.
Like The Witch and The Lighthouse, the horror underlining The Northman is an energy that's brimming underneath; All that power and for what? It is the horror of senselessness. The horror of waste.

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