M3GAN ★★★

2023 Ranked ✨🌟💫


Here’s a film that knows how to get its audience to play along with it. Unserious, playfully horrific, with a snarky attitude… M3gan taps into those emotional sweet spots just enough to be a satisfying, effective killer-android film with pastel and slick tech aesthetics.
It comes after months of conversations being had about AI and its place in art as well as how modern parenting may be relying too much on technological assistance. While the film isn’t overly deep in the themes it’s presenting (nor did it really meant to do any of that btw) the Black-Mirror-Vibes it gives us is so perfect for groups watching this and makes for an interesting conversation starter to mull over feelings and anxieties of how quickly some tech is advancing.

The magic of M3gan and its social-media dominant marketing campaign lands on how it lets its audience in to engage in its audacity. We aren’t laughing at the film, we are laughing with it.
The film’s confident and uncomplicated, it never takes its audience for granted or insults them. We all know what we’re here for and while M3gan never goes as far as it could have (it ain’t no Malignant), it’s entertaining and a lot of fun.
Seriously, it was quite something hearing everyone laughing at my screening with an energy that was just fun. Like partaking in a massive inside joke that everyone’s in on.

There are some aspects of the film that I found to be quite clever in how simple it was in execution. Sometimes, you don’t gotta re-invent the wheel, sometimes you just gotta make sure you don’t fuck it up and break it.

As a result she’s M3.5GAN out of M5GAN

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