God its so annoying to sound like a free speech absolutist but its not this movie's responsibility to act like its the only piece of media that exists depicting Monroe. It should be fine for this movie to do whatever its doing and be assessed on those merits.

Seeing people going after this movie like its overwriting every mention or recording of Monroe is frustrating not only for this but the concept of depicting any real person as a character in challenging fictional media. Even if this was intentionally a biopic and not an adaptation we should hope that directors want to be more ambitious than directing wikipedia articles.

I appreciate the boldness of this movie although at times I found it overly indulgent in how provocative it wants to be. I can't imagine how it would feel to watch this theatrically.

Ana De Armas deserves a huge amount of credit for putting herself through the process of this movie. I do think because this movie is asking for so much from her that its hard to imagine anyone doing better.

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