Halloween ★★★★½


First time ever reviewing the horror staple, Carpenter classic, and iconic name and franchise, HALLOWEEN, I haven't watched this film in nearly 2 decades, so re-experiencing this was like watching for the first time!
I was honestly a little more familiar with Rob Zombie's 2007 remake of the same name, where more background and knowledge is given up front, while this original slasher has so much more of a mystery and almost supernatural element to it. That being said, he's given more of a realistic human element to it in this, how he steals a car, breaks into a store, etc...
Myers, and Halloween, despite it's strange supernatural unstoppable human element to it, still feels somewhat grounded in real life; this could really happen, unlike the stories of Fred Krueger or Jason Voorhees which bend reality so much more.
Next, the iconic yet simple score.
The chilling breeze-like cinematography behind the camera, often imitated, paired with a stealth-like creeping behind the camera, also often imitated. The camera feels like a silent, first-person character of its own, silently watching, never able to intervene.

It's true, HALLOWEEN is a horror staple in the history of cinema, I can really say nothing new at this point.

*unless you're John Wick.

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