Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★★

I did this film a big disservice with my 3-star review when I first saw it nearly 3 years ago. It's not "quite good". It's hilariously bad! And today I had a blast with it, no doubt helped by the amazingly clean picture on the Blu-ray. Films like this really don't deserve the Blu-ray restoration treatment, but I'm glad that this is the crazy world we're living in.

There's some truly disastrous acting on display, and some beautifully excessive gore. But I think it's the heavy use of footage (and music) nabbed from other films that I love the most. The spliced-in footage (that never matches the rest of the film) ranges from hilarious (elephants in New Guinea!; those masked tribal dancers, one of whom then steps into the actual film wearing a really poor version of the mask!; Lia's reaction shots to activity she's clearly not actually witnessing!) to fucking gnarly (that whole tribal funeral stuff; if that was taken from an ethnographic documentary, then its use here is contemptible). As for the music, if you're going to steal from other Goblin soundtracks, then you might as well use their brilliant theme tune from Zombi.

Ah, what a bag of brilliant shit. I think the bit where Lia's cameraman spends 30 seconds trying not to puke, and then pukes anyway, is one of my all-time favourite bits of cinema.

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