Evil Ed

Evil Ed ★★

NB: Review is of 2015's Evil Ed: Special Ed-ition.

This re-edit of the low-budget 1995 Swedish comedy-horror extends its running time to a patience-testing 99 minutes. It's about a mild-mannered film editor who's transferred to his employer's exploitation department, where he's charged with cutting the most extreme scenes from the Loose Limbs slasher franchise, ahead of distribution to certain European territories. But the footage he has to watch sends him mad, as he hallucinates a demon that tells him to kill. Working in a secluded house, though, unfortunately (for the viewer) there are very few people around for him to slice up, meaning this main section of the movie culminates in a long and sleep-inducing stalking-around-the-corridors sequence. When the action relocates to a psychiatric hospital there's a bit more going on, but the terrible pacing is the most shocking thing here. Well, the acting's awful too; it was shot silent and then dubbed by a mainly American voice cast, but it's hard to imagine that the on-screen actors' original accents could've been a worse option. Evil Ed is more than a little indebted to Peter Jackson's Bad Taste, but sadly without that film's wit, inventiveness or gory excess, though the title character's splattery demise is very impressive.

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