Dude Bro Party Massacre III

Dude Bro Party Massacre III ★★★

Somehow it took 10 credited writers and four directors to make this slasher spoof, which is presented as a VHS taping of a banned film from a late-night TV screening, complete with all-too brief snippets of absurd-looking commercials every few minutes. And rather than a straightforward retro homage, this is played for increasingly stoopid laughs. Following on from two Slumber Party Massacre-style movies, in which students were slaughtered by a killer known as Motherface, the twin brother of the first film's "Final Boy" has to try and fit in with the heavy-drinking, hard-partying frat boys to ensnare Motherface and avenge his sibling's death. It begins on a high point that can't be matched - a splattertastic montage of clips from the (fictional, of course) first two installments - and goes steadily downhill from there. There's more of a gentle ribbing of frat boy culture than the outright bro-shaming piss-take I was hoping for, but that's fine, and Paul Prado does a decent impression of Animal House's John Belushi. The more ridiculous humour doesn't work so well, least of all Brian Firenzi's overly zany cop character. But, there's lots of decent gore, and I enjoyed the music gags surrounding Andrew WK's cameo appearance.