Corruption ★★★★

Peter Cushing and Kate O'Mara lend an undeserved degree of respectability to this very uneven but hugely entertaining British roughie. Cushing stars as a surgeon who pioneers a new plastic surgery technique after his girlfriend is disfigured at a party. But, in a twist that recalls Les Yeux Sans Visage, her new skin starts to rot, and the doc realises that he has to operate again, this time using live tissue (although it's never explained how using parts from his dead victims is any more effective, what with them not being live either). Some great performances keep things lively, from Vanessa Howard's self-obsessed model at the party, to Wendy Varnals' vivacious drifter. Look out too for small roles for Billy Murray, Tony Booth and regular Carry On bit-parter Alexandra Dane. Things get a bit laughable and so-bad-it's-good in the final third, beginning with a really undignified foot chase over Seaford's pebbles and seaweed-covered rocks, and continuing with a home invasion by a very strangely dressed gang of hippie beatniks. But the ending is wild and will stop you in your tracks, before the action rewinds for a weird, psychedelic coda.

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