Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★★½

I could see the seams. To think of everyone doing their hokey dog-and-pony mannerisms in front of nothing in Atlanta, the imperfect prosthetics, some clunky CG, the things that Raimi couldn’t push in a Marvel film. And at a certain point… I think it was when the _________ were a thing and __________ showed up in spandex with ________ beside them… I just cackled maniacally because I didn’t  care about the seams. It was just so much hilarious fun! The music, the scenery, Wong, body horror, the second post credits scene, the Disney plus button to SKIP CREDITS 😀, America freaking Chavez, the cameos, the notes of horror, the trips— Raimi and Danny Elfman did a great job. 

Favorite scene: THE Piano notes of horror BATTLE!!!!!! 

Least favorite part: the two main characters. I don’t  like the directions for Wanda and Strange but despite that I loved the infusion of Raimi  into an otherwise flavorless Thanksgiving turkey.made the meal! 

Enough to give it 4.5 stars somehow???Haha how enjoyable for a post-work rumpus

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