Senior Year

Senior Year

this movie had all the problematic aspects of early 2000s teen movies with none of the charm or down-to-earth vibe or fun. it left me with lots of questions.
•why was kevin from this is us a p*do? 
•i know it is just a comedy but WHAT was the message?? “it is better to sexualize children as long as they have fun”? “being popular doesn’t make your life better except actually yes it does”? 
•why was steve aoki there? 
•did we really need a brittany spears home music video halfway through this movie (one of various sequences that i can only assume exists solely to sexualize the minors)

i think it had a fun concept but just wasn’t pulled off in any way shape or form. making fun of current culture and social consciousness is already one of my least favorite forms of “plot” because it is almost always executed awfully. it can be funny but almost never is because you can tell the writers are thinking “omg this is such a great burn teens and libs are so stupid” after every single line. this is also why i dnfd the whered you go bernadette book like it just sucks sorry to say. anyways, as i was saying, it could’ve been done well here but it was not, mostly by rebel’s character. 

building on that, it wasn’t funny at all, which is also 90% rebel wilson’s fault. i laughed two times and it was at jokes made by side characters both times. she is painfully unfunny with both her jokes and physical humor. 

also my bf saw only the last 10 minutes of this, saw her land her stunt, and said “so that’s how she was in the coma?” so that says a lot about this movie and how much attention watching it requires.  

i know i am analyzing it too seriously but they massively failed at everything they tried to do with this movie so i think it’s justified.

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