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  • Anne of Green Gables: Road to Green Gables

    Anne of Green Gables: Road to Green Gables


    Wonderful series; the results of trying to fit the first six episodes into a feature are a bit awkward at times, though many of the virtues are present or at least hinted at. Better just to watch the full series if you can, though.

  • Love Letter

    Love Letter


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    First time seeing this in about five years. What strikes me now is how much this anticipates some of Suzuki’s later work, especially the Taisho trilogy, with doppelgängers and a flashback structure that deliberately makes it difficult to know which one you’re seeing in many scenes (the fact that one of the two characters is dead makes it all the more like Zigeunerweisen). I also love the tracking shot when Kozue is walking up the stairs to her apartment and…

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  • Occult Bolshevism

    Occult Bolshevism


    Recently, there's been a trend in independent Japanese cinema towards a much more improvisation and actor-centered approach to filmmaking in the vein of Jacques Rivette or John Cassavettes. Probably the filmmaker most closely associated with this trend is Ryusuke Hamaguchi, a onetime student of Hiroshi Takahashi's who wrote his thesis on the films of John Cassavettes.

    On the surface, at least, this would seem to be the antithesis of the stylistic tendencies previously associated with Hiroshi Takahashi and the J-horror…

  • Welcome Home

    Welcome Home


    OKAERI is a film with something of a legendary status among aficionados of recent Japanese cinema. The film was self-funded by a projectionist and freelance film-critic-turned-filmmaker, and shot on leftover film stock from other independent productions. Its cast ranges from VERY seasoned veterans (Tomio Aoki, the former child-star of Ozu's I WAS BORN, BUT..., who appears as a talkative old man in a park) to recognizable character actors (Susumu Terajima, a frequent supporting cast member of Kitano and Miike films,…