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  • Creaturealm: From the Dead
  • Evil Ever After
  • Curse of Pirate Death

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  • Evil Ever After

    Evil Ever After


    I'm going to tell my kids that this is Cruella or...a totally awful movie for awful people, so of course I loved it...and its a Christmas movie, one of the cops wore a Santa hat while they were raping the ever nubile Randal Malone, but I guess I'm getting a head (not literally) of myself. Anyhoo, Joe Bob Briggs is in this too, he gets to make out with wife Brinke Stevens (briefly), and (teen but more likely 20something) daughter…

  • Night of the Dead

    Night of the Dead


    It's 2012 and you have Ron Jeremy on your movie poster, good luck with that, but I'm somewhat addicted to director Dennis Devine's output (especially 2000s) with his reuse of locations, inexperienced photogenic actors playing community college students, and Randall Malone (I mean why would you put Ron Jeremy when you have Randal Malone right there). This is the belated (5 years) sequel to Don't Go
    into the Cellar that no one asked for. Leah (Shevaun Kastl) played the older…

Recent reviews

  • Blood Pumpers Racing Club

    Blood Pumpers Racing Club


    A typical Friday night for me and the fellas in 91. This is what COVID took from us.

  • The Craven Cove Murders

    The Craven Cove Murders


    aka Dead Season: Joe Estevez only has one throw away scene, same with Jeff Burr, director Rod Ford is pretty good as the retarded (sorry) Gardner, Ted Newson is creepy af, Margaret O'Brien has her cameo at the end, but the show really belongs (besides the non name Trish Haight who is pretty good, a poor man's Sally Field) to, of course, Randal Malone, who should've been a romantic lead in this, but 2002 wasn't ready for that. Here he…

Popular reviews

  • Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment

    Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment


    I always wonder if its worth telling the story where Charlie Sheen saw this at a cocaine party at Chris Gore's house, and thought it was snuff, so he called the FBI to investigate, which in turn started a feud between Chris Gore and Chas Balun. Now if the names Chris Gore, and Chas Balun are familiar to you then you've probably know the story, if not, who gives a fuck. But that would be ignoring history, man. Chas Balun…

  • Mutilations



    I turned 42 today, so I took the day off from work and as the kids (at least the kids in my middle aged view point) would say #daydrinking. I know you're saying "goddamn it Smellington, we know you're middle age, stop bringing it up and the whole drunk review is sooooo 1990s", but on the other hand *************************, so fuck you. If you're confused, well so am I. Anyhoo, I've been anticipating seeing Mutilations for at least the past…