Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ★★★★★

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Who would have thought that a film based on a theme park ride could be this good. Or that Johnny Depp's performance would garner an Oscar nomination. This movie is so crazy, but it paid off for Disney in big ways. This film spawned a franchise that is still going as of 2017, made loads of money and is hugely popular. Though because of that, some timeline events in this film are really odd sounding if you think of them in context with future films. Forgetting that, let's talk about some specifics.

Characters: A+
Amazing characters in this film. Of course there is Jack Sparrow and he is so memorable. Recalling how he acts in some other movies, yes I will agree he is better here. He is a nice mixture of calculated, luck and just being cunning. Also the performance is so nuanced and excellent to see. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are super fun in their roles and have excellent chemistry. It was fun to watch both of their characters change through the piece. Barbossa by Geoffrey Rush is an excellent and menacing villain. The character is not too far out there to be campy or just unbelievable. Then all the side characters are fun to have around too, including all the British guys. Love these characters and they are so much fun to have around.

Production Design: A+
Outstanding. The CG on the undead pirates is still very well done in a few scenes and the action sets are phenomenal. Loved all the real practical effects done in this or just how they blend with CG seamlessly. The world is lived in, real and tangible. Great work.

Score/Songs: A+
Hans Zimmer strikes gold with his scoring for this film. Well especially the Pirates Theme that is so memorable and now stuck in the heads of the world.

Story: A
Surprisingly really strong here. For the source material it is super well done. I think the pacing overall is really good too. Though at the end the film does feel a little too long, but up until that point it is strong. Sometimes also the plot gets a little muddy, but it comes back together at the end. Overall good and strong, but maybe it doesn't mesh so well with future installments.

Cinematography: A
I also thought this was well done. Has some cool shots, the camera moves in interesting ways and has pretty scenes. Good stuff here as well, but maybe I'm not the most qualified to judge.

I really think that this is an excellent piece to view. It has action, romance, adventure, great music, fun characters and a well realized world. It makes me want to watch the other Pirate movies, but I might be let down if I do. Anyway go watch this one again if you haven't recently because you are in for a treat. Oh and also Disney remaster this in 4k please.

Next up... Brother Bear... bears.

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