Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★½

This is a mixed bag of a film, also I won't try and give spoilers. First of all it is super colorful in how it is shot and I loved that. The music is also amazing and once again, if not more, important to the plot. I also believe the music for this film is better overall than the first one. All the favorite characters return and do what you want them to, albeit some are a bit flanderized ( However they have what seems to be more fun and better chemistry than the first. Also there is way more humor in this, so much like if you didn't remember the first and thought it had jokes every few seconds but really it didn't levels of humor. I guess it appealed to what the fans wanted, also some jokes were out of character. On the contrary when it wasn't always spouting out humor, that was good, the dramatic and emotional things were handled well. I mean it was astounding and could be some of the best scenes of the MCU if not for some random jokes. Kurt Russell rocked playing the dad and I loved all those scenes. Also there was sorta a thing in here that would have made a future Marvel film have too simple of a solution, but it got resolved.

Overall yes I did like it, the characters were great with Rocket being the standout. The opening to the film was killer and such a different way to open it. Kurt Russell killed it! The music was good and makes me excited for the future. The jokes were funny but could mess up some of the tone and the story sorta meandered with what seemed to be little overall weight to the MCU at large. Builds up character relations however that may pay off later and I don't know yet. Anyway not bad, and I wasn't underwhelmed just thought it doesn't add much to the MCU and had some tone problems. A good follow up to the original and it changes enough to be relevant. Will be getting on blu-ray, and probably seeing again in theaters.

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