Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ★★★★★


In a film like this it's vital to introduce well-structured characters with clear motivations, since the public's interest in the story depends on them. Jack Sparrow may have been the role that would cost to Johnny Depp his career and credibility as an actor, but I can't deny the amazing character he is, one who never ceases to amaze me for his whole being: his peculiar way of walking, his hilarious grimaces facials, his witty and insane comments, his little to no shame, his cunning and his sense of honor. Will is presented as a noble and educated gentleman, whose very characteristics hide how audacious he can be, despite the limitations established by his social position. Elizabeth may behave like the typical damsel in distress, but she's able to fend for herself (with certain restrictions, as she operates in a new environment for her). Barbossa represents the other side of the coin that is Jack: trickster and ruthless, powerful and with a lot of spirit. They all make the movie shine on their own.

The story is based on historical facts, but it has its touch of fantasy that makes it blend with reality, such as the Caribbean islands, the pirate code and the cursed treasure (the Aztecs didn't make coins, but ignore me). A dynamic adventure that balances romance, action (very original because of how absurd it is) and lots of humor that shows the consequences of greed and consequently, the dispossession of humanity. Visual effects feel authentic by turning to practical effects rather than CGI (which is competent) and Klaus Badelt offers an innovative, extremely exciting and epic score that will give way to Hans Zimmer in the sequels. The film itself is still a story of pirates with a childish hue, but with an ability to catch all kinds of audiences in their nets. Despite its possible simplicity, the film is entertaining and, above all, authentic, making it a story that has left its mark on me.

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