Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★★


This work by Ridley Scott can't be classified as bad, but neither can be said that it's a transcendent film. On the one hand, it sticks to the biblical story we all know at the same time it connects it with the historical aspects of the time (it takes some natural theories that could explain the plagues in a more scientific way and adapts them to give a more realistic aura to everything, without neglecting the mystical element of the religious story). However, much of the story feels rushed and tries to compensate it with moral and existential explanations that can be perceived as self-centered or unintentionally humorous (portraying God as a jokester, capricious, extremist and vindictive child with little capacity for convincing doesn't help either).

On the other hand, Christian Bale exceeds expectations by providing a very professional and humane interpretation of such an iconic character as Moses, elevating the scenes to a higher level of quality. Instead, Joel Edgerton fulfills as Ramses, but lacks more insight to have greater impact. The editing of the montage for the action scenes is really well done and carries the director's aesthetic style despite the excess of visual effects. In short, it's an uneven product that promotes values related to the time in which we live in a calendrical and historical way, but it doesn't come close to the greatness and quality of the director's similar works, an acceptable yet inconsequential epic. It's amazing an animated movie did a better job with this story.

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