Encanto ★★★


Let's ignore for a moment that this is a carbon copy of Brave (from which it copies the general plot, down to the smallest detail) and Coco (from which it takes certain clichés, stereotypes and narrative elements), and let's focus on what it offers. The use of elements reminiscent of magical realism not only makes the emanating warm humor more rewarding, it also allows the exploration of topics such as the constant search for approval towards higher authority figures and the imposition of parental goals towards children out of obligation. However, many of the situations in the script are conveniently resolved, feeling rushed multiple times.

Regarding the characters, although Mirabel is charismatic and makes the understanding of these issues easier, with the exception of her and her grandma, the rest of the characters are bland and very little is known about them outside of their abilities (Casita has more personality than almost the entire family). But ironically, the weakest part of the film is the music: the songs are redundant in the character descriptions or the situations, most of them aren't that memorable and they hinder the pacing and the plot development. Without much to brag about, it's an entertaining film with a cute message for kids that will be immediately forgotten to later become TV filler.

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