The Room

The Room ★★★★

This is legitimately one of cinema's true enigmas. Getting past the obvious parts you could make fun of, I love the utter originality and oddity. There's no other movie i've seen which offers an experience quite like this. Even when compared to the other so-bad-it's-good movies, from Birdemic to A Talking Cat, nothing has the same level of vision and passion as The Room. So many bizarre artistic choices from Wiseau, so many out of nowhere elements that are introduced and never followed up on or explained, so many jaw-droppingly insane moments, so many repetitive scenes that build to nothing, it's fucking magnificent! Room has a really special quality and it makes me happy to see it be as celebrated as it is right now. It's as if an alien were to make a movie trying to fit in with humans, based on a complete misunderstanding of humanity and American culture. 

Some people coin it as simply another bad movie, but i don't quite understand that. I get why someone would say it drags and i get why someone would be turned off because of the sex scenes (given how not ok with them the actress was). However, if you watched the movie, you can't just say it's another bad movie. There's too much intention behind what would make it bad for it to be passed off as a failure in the normal sense. It's more mind-boggling that it exists than anything else for me. The aforementioned sex scenes become a true sight to behold, seeing something so obviously awkward and uncomfortable being portrayed as a romantic, erotic moment. You'll find a lot of gutbustingly funny scenes and a lot of others which totally perplex you. The movie raises an endless amount of questions, of course, never answered. I guess i'm just in awe of how wild the whole thing is. This is a film to be treasured.

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