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  • The Godfather

    The Godfather


    In 1948, French film critic Alexandre Astruc wrote about the concept of the caméra-stylo or "camera-pen," his idea that directors should use their cameras the way a writer uses their pen.

    With cinematographer Gordon Willis, Francis Ford Coppola accomplishes just this in The Godfather. Utilizing unorthodox lighting techniques, the film constantly conveys information visually just through how Coppola gazes at this story. Compare any shot of Kay to any shot of Apollonia. It is not the what, but the how.

  • Teenagers from Outer Space

    Teenagers from Outer Space


    This movie is actually pretty entertaining and for a low-budget film shows quite a bit of ingenuity. You'll recognize the weapons in the film as the inspiration for the ray gun the Martians use in Mars Attacks!. But the story of it's director is something really fascinating:

    Following the financial failure of this film (on his end, the film was actually profitable, though the makers didn't see any of it), and a lawsuit from an investor, director Tom Graeff placed…

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