The Kid

The Kid ★★★★★

Charlie Chaplin's The Kid is the first full length feature film to focus on the now iconic Tramp character. Watching The Kid was a film experience like none before. Chaplin was brilliant in every single aspect: his performance was subtle, his direction was fantastic and the music was something ahead of its time. Watching numerous Chaplin films centering around the Tramp, I have come to the conclusion that The Kid might just be the best of the bunch though not quite his most significant nor most memorable.

Chaplin's beautiful understanding of humanity, something essential in each of his films, is best presented here. His character vows to take the little boy out of nothing but compassion. In his other films, there is generally a romantic interest that propels the character's motivation whereas here, it lies purely on guilt and compassion. That there is really quite beautiful!

The beauty and innocence of the film is captured even further by Edna Purviance, a regular collaberator of Chaplin's films from his short silent films and also through Jackie Cooper, who plays the little boy. The chemistry between he and Chaplin is remarkable and a greatly affecting factor of the film's critical success.

At less than an hour, Chaplin's The Kid is one of the most emotionally contended films and one of the most significant films of cinema and is a film that, after viewing the film, left me blinking in disbelief.

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