Men ★★½

Guy sitting near me at my screening actively snoring, bless his heart.

Annihilation is currently in my top 4 thanks to its gorgeous visuals and multiple interpretations of that mind-bending finale oh kay so everyone get off me with this rating.

Men has all of those same things yet I somehow had the opposite(!) reaction. 

Lotta snarky review ideas floating in my head as I walked back to my car last night. My fave one was just that meme of Julia Louis-Dreyfus from Veep: (nervous laughter) "what the fuck?" That was me from about the half-way point and especially during the finale. My bravery.

Mia is right in that this feels like Garland going extremely hard into mother! territory but in that movie I was along for the ride and vibed with the biblical themes and enjoyed it. This time around I was the dumb dumb in the theater feeling extremely confused and wondering how much time was left on my parking app. Like I agree men are bad that is not up for debate but hrmmm. Def feels like a natural progression of his filmography to get to this point and I respect it but gd it's just Not For Me.

Alex, call me.

I was also going to just make my review "MEH-N" but cooler heads prevailed.

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