The Boss

The Boss ★★★★½

Fernando Di Leo capped his loose Milieu trilogy off in style with this slick Mafia flick. The Boss gets off to what has to be one of the greatest openings in Poliziotteschi history, as ice cold Henry Silva blows away a load of gangsters in a porno theatre. What follows is a jostling for control between the remaining gangs. Naturally, the film can't keep up the pace of the opening scene for the duration - but it's still an absorbing drama. The title is apt as the whole concept of "the boss" underpins everything. Money, power, control and men as Gods, collaborating with the corrupt authorities to maintain some kind of order. There's a number of characters and nobody can be trusted - lies and backstabbing are rife throughout the narrative, leading to plenty of surprises along the way. There's all the usual gunfights and car stunts. An ambush done in montage is a major highlight and the film has a real nasty streak too - scenes involving a furnace and someone with a knife down their throat stand out. Some of the police station scenes drag the pacing a little, but it's enthralling overall. Every credit to Henry Silva for that staunch lead performance - the man never cracks a smile! The Boss is a fitting finale to this trilogy; three great films, all masterpieces in their own right.

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