Plot of Fear

Plot of Fear ★★★★

Plot of Fear is certainly an audacious late entry in the Giallo cycle, and "plot" is the operative word! This one is so convoluted it will make your head spin - a tale involving a sex crazed import/export group, murder, tigers, prostitutes, sleazy cartoons.....and there's even time for a diamond smuggling ring. While it's difficult to follow at times, the film is so jam packed with details that there's never really time for it to get boring. We begin with two murders right off the bat - and the spree continues for the first half of the movie, before becoming more procedural in the second. The murders are brutal and imaginative but not especially stylish. The tone veers between sleazy, horrific, mysterious and tongue in cheek, with director Paolo Cavara (Black Belly of the Tarantula) seemingly not knowing where to settle. The cast is great, with Michele Placido and Corinne Cléry in the leads, supported by the likes of John Steiner, Eli Wallach and Tom Skerritt. The resolution is teased in a scene fairly on - but the actual climax is far more intelligent, inviting in a sense of paranoia into the already elaborate proceedings. It's all a bit of a mess really, but it's such an interesting mess that it's hard not to just go along with it.

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