From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★½

There's no real reason why this film should improve with age - it wasn't ahead of its time, it doesn't offer any intelligent's just two brilliant and creative filmmakers having a blast and taking us along for the ride. It's a real shame that everyone goes into this already knowing how it's going to turn out (the title is a dead giveaway) because going in blind would have been an amazing experience. From Dusk Till Dawn is genre mash up done right - effectively two films merging seamlessly. The film begins with a scene of nonchalant hyper violence and keeps up the pace throughout as we follow the criminal Gecko brothers on their quest for the Mexican border. We've got a whole host of character actors and in-jokes as we come to the climactic shift in tone - ushered in by a snake welding Salma Hayek dancing to Tito & Tarantula's brilliant "After Dark". If I were a hit writer-director with a foot fetish, I would totally write a scene where I had Salma Hayek's foot in my mouth too, and Tarantino doesn't miss his opportunity here. The film takes every opportunity to ramp everything up as high as it can go, and it's just a good fun ride throughout. I really miss the nineties.

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