Footprints ★★★½

Less of a Giallo and more of a slow burning mystery, Footprints on the Moon draws its intrigue from the idea of amnesia and tells the story of a translator (a very good Florinda Bolkan) who has nightmares about Klaus Kinski conducting experiments on the moon. Eventually she is lead to an island named Garma, where apparently she has been before. The central concept of the film sees our lead character trying to work out who she is, what she was doing just a few days previously, and how this links to her vivid nightmares. Luigi Bazzoni's film is visually interesting - the island where most of the film takes place is bright and sun-kissed; thoroughly at odds with the monochrome moon dream sequences. The sombre moody soundtrack sets things off nicely, while the hazy mystery unfurls at a very slow pace - small pieces of information delivered piece by piece - it's never really clear where its going, or quite what all the pieces of the mystery mean....until the end when dreams and reality mix. Some things click into place, but still there are more questions than answers. Footprints on the Moon works more as a mood piece than a typical thriller - closer to Carnival of Souls than any Giallo. It's an interesting film, very well made though not entirely satisfying.

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