Eyes of Crystal

Eyes of Crystal ★★★½

Eyes of Crystal is a modern update on the Giallo, while taking obvious influence from psychological thrillers such as Seven. The film sets its stall out immediately - introducing the lead detective then rolling on to a taxidermy scene over the opening credits before capping it off with a triple murder set piece. The film has a real dark tone that is carried throughout. Eros Puglielli's direction is slick and stylish, though the film favours the gruesome over the Argento style orchestrated murder scenes. The gore is very realistic and cringe inducing at times. Eyes of Crystal is co-written by Argento co-writer Franco Ferrini and the plot feels very tight and deliberate. There's no dream logic here, though the film expands the central themes with some focus on ancient ritual and religion, plus a sub plot involving a dying Simón Andreu that borders on the supernatural. The film feels a bit long, but the pacing is generally good - with our lead (a very good Luigi Lo Cascio) chasing down the clues on his way to unmasking the psychopathic killer; culminating in a very well done final scene. Eyes of Crystal is certainly a very valiant attempt at a modern day Giallo; Giallo fans should check it out.

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