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  • From Beyond

    From Beyond


    The team behind Re-Animator bring us another tale of warped madness, loosely based on the writing of HP Lovecraft. From Beyond focuses on a machine called The Resonator, which stimulates the pineal gland and allows a glimpse into another dimension. From Beyond takes the concept and runs with it. A sharply focused narrative that keeps the concentration on the core idea of seeing into another reality. The film is at it's absolute best when The Resonator is active - a…

  • Re-Animator



    Stuart Gordon took one of HP Lovecraft's lesser stories and turned it into a gonzo splatter classic. Zombie movie trappings meet Frankenstein style mad science in this tale of a psychotic medical student who has discovered a way to bring the dead back to life through use of a fluorescent green serum. Re-Animator is bolstered by an intense performance from Jeffrey Combs, who utterly embodies the character of Herbert West. An obsessed lunatic, taking any opportunity for experimentation. Combs is…

Recent reviews

  • Maximum Risk

    Maximum Risk


    The first American film for Hong Kong director Ringo Lam is this Van Damme vehicle, which sees the action star going up against corrupt government officials and the Russian mafia when the twin brother he never knew he had winds up dead. Maximum Risk is a solid mix of action sequences and overly convoluted storytelling. Van Damme gets a dual role (which seems to happen a lot in his films) though the two characters never appear on screen together. The…

  • Dead of Winter

    Dead of Winter


    Dead of Winter is an eighties update of My Name is Julia Ross that takes one hundred minutes to do what the earlier film did much more effectively in seventy. The plot focuses on an aspiring actress who goes out to a remote mansion to test for a part, and finds there is something sinister afoot. The wintery setting is well used. The mansion in the middle of nowhere, cast further adrift by a snow storm, does at least give…

Popular reviews

  • Inferno



    Every viewing of Inferno is a pleasure! There aren't many films that make perfect sense in their own right and no sense whatsoever simultaneously. Argento's story is carried not through logic but by feeling and sound. A curious girl looks for a key; drops her keys, then finds a key in a secret flooded room under a basement. A letter is carried from New York to Rome by notes of classic music. Time forsakes logic, spanning different periods in different…

  • Possession



    This film is pure adrenaline on screen. Director Andrzej Zulawski's opus about a fractured couple (apparently based on his own experience of divorce) is rich with metaphor and symbolism. The dream logic means that it doesn't always make perfect sense - but the film is utterly captivating, helped by Andrzej Zulawski's nauseating roaming camera and a pair of brilliant central performances from Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani - the latter of which absolutely owns the film. It's a mesmerising and…